Our restaurant is a contemporary trattoria, here you will find a glouttonous cuisine, focused on terroir, seasonality and sourcing chain.

A distinctive characteristic is the wines from Meteri, a company that selects and distributes natural wines. This is where the Meteri Cucina project originates.


Sustainability, accessibility and terroir are the values Meteri Cucina stands for.

The vision is the same as Meteri, bringing coherence, passion and sustainability not only to the sourcing chain and product processing, but also to work life balance of our team.

The cuisine is focused on terroir, seasonality and sourcing chain. The quality of the raw products is very important to us: we source mainly products from small producers of the Veneto region, without giving up on ingredients from other regions.

"We travelled to the Monti Lessini to find the best Cimbro an Monte Veronese cheeses, we went to the Colli Euganei to meet with the butcher Andrea Tolin to get great sustainable meat, Giulia and Fabio Tessarri of Terrakrea in Lobia to source fresh vegetables, Federico Menetto gives us the Mitilla muscles from Pellestrina, Fabio Posenato produces the Pignoletto corn flour, a rare and ancient cultivar.

We asked Luca Dalla Libera to select for us the best fish in the Venice Fish Market, we picked the sheep cheeses from Perenzin, and the artisan Salvatore from Creazzo to make bigoli and gnocchi for us. We chose the Cuore Almonds by Sonia Gambino, a variety from the Etna area. For capers we relied on an institution: Nino Caravaglio from Salina. We picked the cured meats from Prosciuttificio San Marco, producer of a particular product such as Prosciutto Veneto Dop. Lastly, our partner for the coffee is Ormesini, a small roaster in Verona."

Luca Fullin, Host

Meteri Meteri is a network of women, men and territories at the service of those who seek emotions and pleasure in the glass and, today at the table, with consistency and sustainability.

Il nostro menu è in continua evoluzione con un occhio sempre attento alla focused on the quality of raw materials and wines.

It's a comforting, welcoming, informal cuisine, aligned with the wine portfolio.

Massimiliano, Cucina
Francesca Marchini, Waiter
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